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In the fall of 2002, Jerry's J W (308 E. Main, Business 287, Midlothian, TX, 76065) provided the tile and labor to install a ceramic tile floor in our kitchen / breakfast / laundry area. Jerry's has rugs, carpeting, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, laminate floors, vinyl floors, and wood flooring for sale. They were contracted by our builder, Wayne Richerzhagen, a custom home builder in the Lake Waxahachie, Midlothian, and Ellis County area.

(I wish we had seen this; we could have asked our builder not to do business with them.)

In 2008, the floor started making "crunching" noises when we walked across. By early 2009, the floor was about 6 1/2 years old, and had begun to buckle in the kitchen.

Note the buckling of the floor, and the absence of glue on the floor under the partial tiles that were removed to the left of the picture.

We assume the broken adhesive made ridges as it broke, raising the tile.

The adhesive on the floor is loose -- it was easily swept up without any scraping whatsoever.

We contacted Jerry's J W about the problem, and they told us on the phone that our foundation had cracked. After several phone calls, a salesman came out and said our foundation must be buckled. He was going to get us a quote for repairing the floor. After several phone calls and one visit to the store to get a quote, we gave up trying. They simply didn't respond.

The foundation is not damaged. There are discolored areas where it looks like the adhesive had touched the concrete; however, the adhesive was swept up. No scraping was done to this floor, yet notice how clean it is.

We visited the store, only to once again be told we'd find a buckled foundation when we removed the tile. We told them we'd already removed the tile from that area, and there was no foundation problem. We informed the lady that it appeared to us that the glue had not adhered to the concrete, and that we thought it appeared to be either faulty glue or faulty installation.

While we didn't expect them to fix it for free, we did expect them to make some consideration on the repair ... they sold us the tile, and they looked in their records and determined that their guy (Mark) installed it. Instead, we were told there was a one-year warranty on the floor. They then tried to sell us replacement flooring.

We had another floor professional come out and look at it, and, after thumping quite a few of the tiles, he told us that most of the tiles were getting ready to come loose and we must replace the entire floor. After removing all the tiles, there were only a couple of hairline stress cracks in the foundation -- nothing to cause a problem. The "thinset" adhesive had stuck to the tile, but not to the floor. He said it could be defective thinset, but thought it was applied too thinly in most areas. The areas where the thinset was thick were adhering to the floor. (According to Bob Vila, masonry adhesive would have been preferred over thinset; the thinset was apparently used for economy. On a $250k house, the difference in cost would have been negligible.)

We are disappointed in the response by Jerry's J W, as we felt the floor should have lasted for decades ... it was NOT a cheap floor. We have used them before for carpeting and were satisfied with their work. However, now that we've had a problem, it appears to us that they just don't care -- they won't bother to quote the repair, and their only comment at the store was that it had a one-year warranty. We didn't get as much as an

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We replaced the floor with vinyl plank, as the cost of replacing it with the same quality tile as the original would have been prohibitive. We looked at Mannington and Earthwerks, but decided upon "Olde Hickory" by Naturelle.

If you look at their testimonials, you'll find they have none (as of 4/29/2009). We're not surprised.

There's a hairline stress crack in the lower right side of the picture. Note the lack of "lines."

Close-up of picture to the left.

Close-up of picture to the left. Note the lack of "lines."

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